BOUCHE – 100% Organic Kombucha

This kombucha initially appears floral, fresh and slightly tropical, but its character is more complex than that. Floral berry notes of a hibiscus infusion and jasmine tea surround Idaho7 and Amarillo hops in an expressive, full body with sparkling acidity. Lime zest adds a hint of bitter flavors, but just enough to be perceived as an accent.

Ingredients: Fermented infusion (Water, Sugar*, Jasmine*, Orange Pekoe Tea*, Hibiscus Blossom*, Kombucha Culture* (yeast and bacteria cultures), Lime Juice*, Hops*

*from controlled organic cultivation

Package of 6 x 330ml bottles

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KOMBUCHA is a carbonated, fermented tea beverage made from black and green tea, sugar, and yeast and bacterial cultures. The yeasts and bacteria get into the kombucha in the form of a scoby (symbiotic cultures of bacteria and yeast, also called tea or kombucha fungus) or as a liquid starter culture in the kombucha. During fermentation, the active microorganisms convert the sugars into organic acids, giving kombucha its characteristic sour taste.

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Package of 6 x 330ml

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