DETOX 250ml⎜6-Juice Pack


A perfectly balanced, refreshing green juice designed to naturally detoxify your body! Loaded with essential vitamins, minerals, and powerful antioxidants, it helps maintain ideal pH and blood sugar levels. Our DETOX juice is a hydrating elixir brimming with electrolytes, derived from all-natural ingredients like cucumber, pineapple, celery, and spinach. Experience hydration, sip by sip!

Ingredients: Pineapple (39.97%) / Apple (35%) / Cucumber (11%) / Celery (5%) / Spinach (9%) / Ascorbic Acid (0.03%)



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Juice manufactured with fruits and vegetables: triturated, cold-pressed, bottled, and treated by high-pressure processing (HPP).

Why Choose Cold-Pressing?

The cold-press method, as opposed to centrifugal juicing, employs a hydraulic press and a slow pulverizer to extract more live enzymes, vitamins, minerals, fibers, and phytonutrients without introducing heat and oxidation. This preserves the juice’s integrity, leaving it rich in its original nutrients.

The HPP Method

Unlike heat pasteurization, High-Pressure Processing (HPP) maintains the taste, texture, nutrition, and quality of each juice ingredient. This process eliminates harmful organisms and bacteria without compromising nutritional value, while also extending the shelf life of our cold-pressed juice. This ensures that our juices remain perfectly safe and packed with nourishment for consumption.

Additional Information

Package of 6

Net Volume

250 ml


25% Bioplastic
75% Recycled PET